Can we please get more deck slots


Something like 3 deck slots per commander would be awesome

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I second this, the game would be much more enjoyable if I could easily experiment with different deck builds. As it is now you lose the previous deck if you want to try a new build so I find I end up sticking to the same deck which I use over and over again which leads to much less variety than would otherwise be possible with multiple deck slots per commander. More variety leads to more interest and replayability which from your point of view would increase customer retention so win win.


I literally came to the forum for the first time ever specifically to ask for this because I’m getting tired of having to redo it from scratch every time I want to try different strategies or play with new units. 3 decks per commander would be wonderful. Even if I had to pay some coins or gems per slot or something I’d still want it.


I also agree with this!


This has been pretty high on our backlog of usability features for quite some time. Unfortunately it’s a large feature and involves a lot of people involving on other critical initiatives (like networking, matchmaking, and ranked systems). I can’t give you a timeline for this feature at the moment but we definitely won’t forget about it!

REQUEST- Preset DECK and shortcut Idea

Agreed. Clearly someone at Strange Sevens is a Hearthstone fan :sweat_smile:.

Truly addicted to the game, but take another cue from Blizzard re: deck slots. One deck per commander is not nearly enough.

Thanks in advance.


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