Can we have an update/legit answer to the connectivity issues? It’s been over two weeks. Silence only makes paying customers tank this game in the Apple store review


UPDATE: Reposting this.
The gamers on here really deserve some type of progress update. In the last 14 days of game play, I’ve been able to play 2x2 with my alliance exactly 2 days. That’s less 15% success rate. Today was one of those precious two days, the connectivity lasted 60 minutes, I got a text from another engineer that the game actually works, everyone cheered, then it died. This is absolutely atrocious, particularly to your paying customers.

I’m a backend engineer for another gaming platform so please just riddle us with what is going on. Try me. The gaming community really needs something. 15% functionality will kill this game faster than the secondary reviews.


Let’s wait a little more.


Yes, @Vert2vert! We’re closely monitoring the reports of connectivity issues that some players have been experiencing. Networking has always been a tricky beast with the different devices and network configurations from all the differing users. We’re working on improvements to this in a forthcoming update.

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