Can we have a legit update/answer on the connectivity issues? It’s been 2 weeks


The gamers on here really deserve some type of progress update. In the last 14 days of game play, I’ve been able to play 2x2 with my alliance exactly 2 days. That’s less 15% success rate. Today was one of those precious two days, the connectivity lasted 60 minutes, I got a text from another engineer that the game actually works, everyone cheered, then it died. This is absolutely atrocious.

I’m a backend engineer for another gaming platform so please just riddle us with what is going on. Try me. The gaming community really needs something. 15% functionality will kill this game faster than the secondary reviews.


The silence is the worst part. I think we could understand some challenges in a new game. But those of us who spent, have spent on an unplayable product. I’ll be giving it a day or two, then seeking and obtaining a full refund from apple, and leaving a few scathing but entirely accurate reviews.