Can we have a better marketplace to spend alliance tokens?

Hi there, I am thinking of a better marketplace to spend the alliance tokens. Right now I have 220k alliance tokens sitting there that are basically useless given the poor variety of items I can spend on. I believe many other players have more than I do. Given 2 refreshes per day, we only have 10 of 12 items to choose from (the other 2 ask for coins), which is far from a good variety. As my tokens cumulating, I can only buy 1 or 2 items every day, which I think it’s a huge waste. Is there any possibility that the variety and number of items can be improved to meet the demand? That will bring out a better currency flow and economy. Thank you.

Hi @DOOP2! Agree! It’s on the roadmap to make Alliance Tokens much more useful than they are currently.

Keep in mind that this probably has something to do with the fact that a lot of players received a large refund of Alliance Tokens recently due to their already-unlocked commanders with the introduction of PvP-based Progression.

I would use them to convert to coins or season tokens in a heartbeat

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