Can we get more commanders

There is just 2 commanders on a faction and I would like more

One idea is a expert crafter in the asention faction and his ability is to summon a random unit on his faction you can decide the rest ex:his name the other commanders and their look and abilities oh and the energy costs

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Hi @Squid1! We also hope to add more commanders to game. To set expectations, realistically this isn’t something we can get done soon though.

Features players want Please post ideas here so there isn’t clutter on forums

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I like this idea

I don’t like it… I rather see focus on simple improvements before more new content comes out. Plus, the average playerbase doesn’t even have all commanders unlocked so a new commander would just favor the advanced players and I’m assuming comparatively it’s probably a much smaller group than the average/above average player and noobs. Let’s focus on subtle improvements that help overall game play for everyone equally. I’ve given a few suggestions in the ideas forum that was created I encourage you to check and comment there any additional ideas you, or others, may have


Could you link your post here please?

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It’s too early to ask for more commanders. This game needs to deal with major bugs and issues that have not been resolved since launch.

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Idk if that works. Took my like ten min to figure out how to share a link haha

Ok s7 camperliver
I’ Wait

You earn them in the adventure mode

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