Can we discuss some tactical lingo as a community?

Here’s some of my ideas.
tac - tactics AKA spells, like zoom box or ascension spells
dry - a unit played down an empty lane, like split scouts or grunts or hazards
wet - a unit played in response to a threat, like snipers or punchies
com - commander
comtac - Commander Card like kuro blast
swarm - a bunch of little units, like a bunch of grunts or scouts (heralds)
gang - groups of larger units like avasa with reapers and fortresses or kuro with cyclops and seraphs
swang - both
a2g, a2a, g2g, g2a - air to ground, etc
What do you guys think

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And yeah I know that saying “wet” can be hilarious but it also is a good shorthand

You already maxed all your units and can t bear playing with them anymore? That s impressive… (PS: i am not against people discussing potential new cards, but always impressive seeing people claiming to not have enough coins on one side, but looking to dilute even more the game on the other… The next fight should be to have devs releasing season cards in normal pack rather than adding new basic cards)

Sorry but what does this have to do with this topic?
(And btw past event cards should really be added to basic pool or something like that, otherwise new players will never stick to this game since they are at huge disadvantage not having them. This is a huge problem for a game already struggling to have a regular decent sized player base)

Yeah this has nothing to do with the topic

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