Can we change back the reward for donation to clan coins?


  1. donation is a form of collaboration. We help our fellow clan members, and being rewarded clan coins sounds very logical
  2. clan coins are a way to get rare units (such as pink cards and yellow cards) that we otherwise cannot get our hands on. By making clan coins harder to get, we will not able to upgrade our epic or legendary units as often as the other cards - in the end we’ll just be fighting with the most primitive cards in hand. And it’s does not benefit the devs either. We cannot buy the clan coins, there is no incentive to make it more stringent for us to get them.
  3. You don’t reward as many clan coins in the events anymore. That’s one less source for clan coins. Even if we get elite and our clan members finishes all weekly tasks(which is something we cannot rely on), we will only get 6000 clan coins, enough for only 6 pink cards. (while a level-11 epic unit takes 20 those cards to be eligible for an upgrade, and we have at least 12 of them). If I want to upgrade all my pink unit to level 12, it’ll take me 40 weeks!!! I can finish a thesis in 40 weeks, and my stock position will probably make me 8% in the same period of time. Why do you, on top of changing unit parameters all the time while never fixing the match mechanism, have to make your users’ lives so difficult?

So please, please make it easier for us to make clan coins. Please.

Hi @Alphredo. I’m actually confused what you’re talking about. Can you please explain? Maybe I just wasn’t paying attention but I’m not aware of any recent change around this stuff.

I’m not sure if I’m using the terms correctly since I’m running a Chinese interface. I’ll do my best to explain:
There are two types of coins we use in the game: A. a brown one that we get when we complete a tier of group tasks like winning blitz games. This type of coins can be used to purchase epic and legendary unit cards in the shop. And there’s another type of coin B that looks silver; we use this type of coins to upgrade our units when we have enough cards for an upgrade. I was referring to coin A.

We used to be able to get coin A when we make a card donation to our team members; we get 5 coin As for donating a grey card and 25 coin As for donating a blue one. This reward has been changed to 2 coin Bs for a donation. I was suggesting to change it back.

I hope this explains myself better. I’ll try to explain any confusion you may still have. Please let me know.

There’s a visual bug right now with Donations where the little Alliance coin icon isn’t popping up when you tap on Donate. Only the regular coin icon is popping up. However, if you pay attention to your Alliance Token count, it will still increase. We’ll be fixing this in the future.

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