Can we bring alliance coins back to alliance quests?

The new reward of seasonal tokens is not helping… if you are one dedicated player you’d already swiped your credit card or Apple-Paid to get the tokens. If you are stingy or living off your parents’ money, 400 alliance seasonal tokens per day won’t get you legendary cards. Other than that, out of the 5 Quests that give out alliance coins, three require you to earn substantial seasonal tokens, one requires you to play seasonal cards that you don’t have. The last one is 2500 alliance coins per week if you play your weekend events, assuming we all have no familt/girlfriend/friends/obligations or social lives, and that will only get you 2.5 pink cards per week. If you want to upgrade all your pink cards from level 12 to 13, assuming you can get those cards right away from the shops, it’ll take you at least 120 weeks, enough for an MBA degree, giving birth to two kids, writing a simple smartphone OS, or refilming the last season of Game of Thrones. Why, WHY do you have to torture our lives like this? I thought you wanted to shed our wallets, not our tears.

I literally said it would be a minuscule reward in the post where they asked if we wanted this switch lol everyone said heck yeah! and didn’t even think about the fact we can’t buy anything with this trash.

There is other ways to get epic cards. Seasonal rewards is the best way to own at least some 17 lvl cards, so I’m happy with new quest system with seasonal tokens

Good luck earning that many event coins in the few weeks there is left to earn level 17 cards.

the yellow cards are not the problem. It’s the pink cards that you need to accumulate through shops. I’m not aware that you can get pink cards through seasons. If there actually is, please kindly direct me to the place. Otherwise, at least let players with too many cards put those cards to good use.

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