Can we all talk about gauntlet for a minute?

Gauntlet is extremely fun to some of us and a way to grind. But the rewards are total trash. They have been the same since the game came out.l no update. 12-0 wins in gauntlet gets you way less stuff then opening 1 epic chest. That’s not right. There needs to be way better rewards in gauntlet, legendary cards, more cards, more season tokens, more coins, and if you get 12 wins you should get more then your 200 gems back.
If you improve rewards more people would play it and cuz back on the +2minute search times.
I have talked with multiple players about this and all agree it needs work. I myself have played a TON of gauntlet runs I pretty much play gauntlet more than ladder. I really want to open a dialogue between devs about this underutilized feature.

This suggestion is a stretch but it would be nice to be able to run gauntlet in 2s. But I would like to address the major issue here, the lack of rewards.


I agree. I have basically stopped playing gauntlet for that reason - if there were some more appropriate rewards, then that would make it more appealing


I agree Keebler. I personally do gauntlet just get the notification off my quest. All the rewards are extremely lackluster. Considering the time you need to invest in gauntlet, the rewards should be a good amount of coins and epic units. Maybe a 5% chance of legendaries?


I also rarely play gauntlet for this reason as well. High wait times and low rewards. I think that whole category could use some love (campaign, boss blitz, and gauntlet)


I only ever play gauntlet when my tickets max out, or if I get super annoyed with the yellow exclamation mark. The wait times are my biggest complaint, but I’m certainly not motivated by the meager payouts. (Which probably contributes to the wait times…)


Gauntlet mode is inherently a more niche activity — very few of players enjoy the puzzle of building a great deck from a random selection of cards. Some people find it super fun, but most players do not.

This is similar to “sealed” events in card games like magic the gathering or hearthstone. Some people love it, but for most people it’s really not their cup of tea.

Gauntlet mode was created with the goal of being something fun for the niche of players who are intrinsically motivated to do it because they like it. Gauntlet mode was not intended to be a primary game mode that everyone is highly rewarded to play and expected to play to progress.

Maybe we should have made this more clear by making Gauntlet reward only vanity items like skins/portraits, and remove the quests/badges telling everyone to do it repeatedly.

If we make the rewards more compelling, it transforms this “fun side activity for the small set of people who like it” into something everyone must do if they want to progress — even if they hate the puzzle of building decks from a random set.


I haven’t played gauntlet b/c it seems like too much for too little pay out. I don’t think I’ve participated in more than 2!

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It seems like this is a theme, though. Gauntlet is niche, Boss Blitz and quests and PVE are niche. Events are becoming more niche, with the trend toward card order being the primary determining factor. It seems like a whole lot of the game is designed for fewer and fewer players.

Is that the intended strategy long-term?


I agree that boss blitz and gauntlet are niche. Or more specifically, they’re a good source of rewards for newer players but they fall off in importance as players get stronger. Though I know players would rather get more rewards (me too, always, haha) there is no plan to alter the economy balance for late-game players to more favor gauntlet or boss blitz (it’s never been a big part of the late-game economy either). I think avoiding modes you don’t feel rewarded enough to play is okay – there’s a lot going on in the game, so most players need to be a bit choosey about how they spend their time anyway, imo.

As for card draw order, I agree that it is important but disagree that there is a trend towards draw order being the “primary” factor. Events will naturally vary some in how important card draw is, but it’s a relatively minor factor. If card draw order was the primary factor, then win rates would be much closer to 50-50, though we haven’t seen a significant shift that direction. That said, the people designing the events and balancing the cards play a lot and pay careful attention to balance and are trying to make sure future events are as competitive and fun as possible.

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Imo, the core of the game is something like “build up a strong collection of cards and learn to play them well in a social environment.”

Gauntlet is sorta the opposite of that statement: “Play with a random set of cards which aren’t the ones in the collection you’ve been collecting/building up.”

I’m not trying to argue Gauntlet isn’t a fun, unique experience; for some people, it definitely is! It’s in the game cuz it’s kinda fun, but it’s definitely not the core of the game. We don’t plan to put our effort in improving it or changing the systems to incentivize people to play it, because it’s so divergent from the entire point of the game.


I think a lot of frustration is that what players aspire to was being able to master their deck and improve. And each iteration it is either more and more marginalized or just nuked all together.

So, when you talk about what you think is the entire point of the game or the core? What is it from the dev side?

It may not be the ones in our deck, but being able to pull off neat cross faction combos is a different kind of experience. No, 2 vs 2 does not count, as that relies on a partner, and still won’t have that third faction. Above all, gauntlet is fair outside of its random card selection since everything is the same level. No enemy commanders or units being 3-5 levels above me here.


Can you please explain what that means?

If I’m inferring what you’re trying to say, what my response is: Part of having a game which is about “building up a strong collection of cards” is “don’t let any player run out of content to strive towards.” If we have a game economy which allow everyone to consume the content faster than we can generate new content, that’s a bad thing which we need to fix. Yes, that means that we can’t have players level up to max level cards faster than we can create new cards.

No no, what I mean is that the ladder used to be rewarding and a good focus. You could focus on mastering the tactics and strategies of a faction and develop your skills and build towards a synergistic relationship of player and deck.

However, this seems less and less the focus. Cost heavy and painful card selected decks and the concept of mastering the nuances of each deck and factions seems less and less of a focus. Did that explain it better?

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@S7campusLifer. Just curious how you’re measuring the lack of interest in this event. Aside from the lackluster awards, I love this play mode. Is it possible that it’s registering as “niche” because it’s locked behind a ticket wall? It takes forever to get enough tickets to play. How about just putting in on a 24 hour reset timer? One free game per day plus pay for resets. I think that would give you a better sampling and if I could play it every day, then frankly I wouldn’t expect super rewards. I really think you guys have a great thing with this mode that you aren’t capitalizing on.


One free a day would be awesome. Best idea ever in my opinion


@S7campusLifer I truly love playing gauntlet for the actual game play. But it will slow become extinct if it stays the way it is. Less and less people seem to be playing it wait times are increasing, so lets say it is a niche vector of the game, if only a few players play it cuz they enjoy it the wait times would be forever therefor causing the people who actually enjoying it for the game play to slowly stop playing it, as I have and many others. This will only get worse with time.
If you don’t want to increase the rewards do what others are suggesting and give 1 free run a day, or cut ticket and gem cost in half, or give away tickets in every multiplayer chests. There is a multitude of things you guys can do to improve it. As opposed saying “its been working fine as is so we are gonna keep it that way” for one that really is a tell on the lack of interest the devs actually have in this game. If you guys played your own games you would understand what angle people are coming from.
You guys aren’t even willing the do minor alterations ie. % chance of getting legendary cards, minor increase in silver tokens (360 silver tokens for a 12-0 is just insulting), give tickets with rewards so people can run again. There are tons of ideas but basically from what you said is its a dying vector of the game and your going to leave it as is.
Even a leaderboard for gauntlet would increase its activity. Leader board with a point based system given depending on w/l ratio. I would love to see who the top gauntlet players are.
If rewards where actually worth playing gauntlet people would be more willing to buy and spend more gems to do gauntlet runs.

Honestly you guys have heard from multiple players here saying they don’t play it anymore cuz its pointless. By not tweaking anything about it you are choosing to abandon it which would be a complete mistake. The game might be active now but as players bore of the normal gameplay they will do one of 2 things, go to a new game mode, or play a different game all together.
I would defiantly give it some thought before you guys chose to decide not to mess with it.

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Or at least have it reset as often as boss blitz. Daily reset might unbalance the economy a little bit too much. The current gauntlet rewards are not very lucrative but if you multiply it by 7 days a week… it’s a pretty substantial increase. I would suggest resetting it once or twice a week. How ever often they reset boss blitz would be more appropriate

I run at 1-5(sometimes way more) gauntlets a day and I rarely get less then 7 wins and trust me the rewards are so meek you get wayyyyyyyy more from playing multiplayer and opening chest rewards. 12-0 in gauntlet is about 1/4 what you get from 1 epic chest

So what I’m saying is this whole “throwing balance off” is a crock… they could triple the rewards and it would t have any affect.

When people say the rewards aren’t worth it, I think they are referring to the rewards not being worth the entry price. Changing the rewards to stickers isn’t going to change interest - it’s like playing the claw game but replacing toys with stickers.

I guess I’m one of these “niche” players. Gauntlet is my favorite play mode. I don’t care about the awards as much as necessarily as getting close to my 200 diamonds back I lost paying to play, and I usually don’t get them back (when I do, I immediately play gauntlet again!). 200 diamonds is a lot in this game, and it takes forever to get 10 tickets.

I’m also guessing gauntlet has bots that are suddenly harder after a certain number of wins - after 5 I’ve seen. That takes the fun out of it, so I would look for ways to entice more actual players to playing gauntlet.