Can’t buy coins with gold

Prior to the update about half or maybe even 2/3 the deals in the store would include either 2000 or 4000 coin for a small amount of gold. It wasn’t much but it was literally the only thing gold was good for any more since I have all the cards needed to max out my units. Now even that is gone.

Why do you have this huge part of the game that becomes absolutely useless to players. Why did you remove the coin purchase, it’s not like it disrupted the game economy. Why do I collect and collect a useless currency, you force us to get it as a reward in events, you force us to buy it in season trees and we can’t do anything with it. You won’t include old season units in the store for gold so we can’t even hope to get cards there. You have clearly put a lot of work into this component of the game, why is it so useless to long term players?


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