Can only see the bottom corner

Seriously…it’s been months! How is it not fixed?!?


Because this is enjoyable…not

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Thanks for keeping this on our radar. Without new information, this is in the same place as last time you brought it up.

Yes. Exact same place. I’m not sure what causes it. But you have to hard close the game to fix it

What sort of device do you have? This used to happen to me regularly but hasn’t in quite a while, so I just assumed it had been fixed.

I think this happened on a 8plus? I’m not sure. Come to think of it. It does seem device specific

I don’t think it’s happened to me since I got my X, but if I recall correctly, it tended to happen when I had moved my phone (so that in normal mode it would have adjusted to portrait from landscape) at a specific time during the loading screen. I couldn’t have made it do it on command, but that’s what I could figure out forensically. I wonder if you’ve noticed a similar pattern?

Yeah. I’ve been getting it more and more recently as of late. I only got this glitch when 2v2ing with my fellow alliance members consecutively.

Plus, I don’t think this affects device wise. Just 2v2 mode itself, since I use an iPhone 7 while seeing other players complaining about their devices such as iPhone X and such.

This happened to me a couple days ago. I have an iPhone X. Place to email the pic because I can’t post it

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