Can only see the bottom 1/4 of your match

One of the most annoying and persistent bugs. Randomly you can only view the bottom corner of your match…how has this not been fixed?

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Hi @Pandread. How many times per day are you seeing this? Do you have steps to reproduce it ? It’s been a nagging problem which we’ve never managed to reproduce in house when there’s a debugger attached to the game. We’ve spent sometime trying to fix it, but eventually decided it was higher ROI to move on to trying to fix things which happen more frequently or are easier to reproduce.

It’s happened a few times to me. I do software QA as a profession and I’m unable to identify any steps to reproduce it precisely, but it seems to be related to orientation switching. It may be a coincidence, but it only happened to me on an iPhone 8; I recently upgraded to an XS and haven’t seen it since (although it’s sporadic enough that this isn’t conclusive). Latest version of iOS on both.

I’d suggest trying to re-orient the phone at various points during the game loading process; clearly, at some point the screen is being drawn with an assumption about its dimensions.

Yeah I honestly have no idea what causes it either. Usually if you hard close and restart it goes away but I have noticed an increase since the last update.

I’ll try what @Holeesmokes suggested

That was actually a suggestion to precipitate the problem, but if it works, let them know when you turned it I guess!

Have an iPhoneX. Happens mainly when I’m playing with someone from my alliance though alliance chat when I’m in the deck modifier screen and it pops up from the top that a member of mine wants to battle.

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