Campaign is still a Robo-Cheater

This is such bullshiz. Get high enough in the campaign against equal levels - then the bots get two miners down in the same time you only manage your first. It’s no wonder you can’t share your campaign games - they show what a pack of fecking shiznot-cheats the devs are…

I though you quit the game already lol :roxie_wow:


The Devs do not care about a fair and balanced game because they want you to dump cash for upgrades so you can beat it. The whole game is like a slot machine we are just rotating wins and loses for the most part.

Hope they fix everything when the new season has come, i already said this when it’s still the season2 lol

Campaign bots start with 1 energy more than you… always… you can see it at the start of every game if they plant or tech up first while you are on 4 energy

In world 5, I noticed them teching up right as I was about to hit 3 power.

It’s frustrating as hell sometimes, I agree, but it wouldn’t be challenging otherwise. The AI is not bad, but it’s not as good as even midrange players. I think they could have done it in a less aggravating way by just making the card levels go higher for the AI. That’s a kind of disparity we’re used to and doesn’t feel like cheating.

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Yeh, but I keep coming back to look at the train-wreck. It’s morbid, I know.

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