Campaign Completion bug

I finished the campaign yet it says 233 missions on my leader-board. I also bought several Season coin packs in the season tree after the inflation update and have not been reimbursed for the inflated value of the coins.

Send them pics if u haven’t done so already

Good luck Fox. I don’t think anybody is behind the controls you might want to buckle up before the crash. To bad we don’t have Sully at the controls.

Yeah, I really don’t even know why I bothered to post it. I don’t care anymore. I’m just still in shock as a seasoned gamer having never seen devs actually gang lynch their own game.

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Does anyone know if there are S7 crew members playing this game?

Well if they ever did they are surely bored to death by now. My thinking is they do not play it because if they did they would understand what the players are talking about and fix this big pile.

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