Campaign bosses

So there are a couple campaign bosses on world 5 that are OP. With the change to these bosses making them more like true matches they should have the same rules. These bosses tech up when I only have 3 energy and then they place cards in a fashion that simply couldn’t happen with the energy scale. They play two lightbringers at the same time then follow this with swarms of scouts. World 5 level 50. That Giga attacks with at least 15+ energy worth of cards and then plays his shields. I would be interested in seeing what it takes to beat him. Maybe take a look at this.

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Agreed. Boss battles on campaign are very OP. I think I had to try the stage you are on a couple of times to beat it. Now I’m stuck on stage 6-10 which is an Avasa lvl 45 which also doesn’t play by the rules. She starts with 7 cards, one always being her commander as far as I can tell, and has twice as much energy production so you just get dumped on by tier 3 units and get owned every time. Anyone beat stage 6-10 yet? And how did you do it?

While we are talking about campaign bosses, 4-50 is labeled as Kuro but plays Avasa.

Not to world 6 yet but I’ll let you know when I get there. Sounds nuts :unamused:

Fighting 5-10 right now. Roxie started her first tech up while I was still 2-3 power away from my first plant, which was the first thing I did. By the time I built my second plant (first 10 energy of the game), she had teched up twice and fielded an ant queen and typhoon. No power plants built.

Wtf? Do bosses get triple power generation or something?

Wow finally got past stage 6-10 after many tries. Now for stage 6-20…

Yeah. I saw a couple that were mislabeled. I don’t have a problem with the bosses having a little extra power because we can usually outplay the AI… but to just throw the rules out completely isn’t the answer. Make it hard. Make me change my deck to beat them, don’t make it impossible.

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Looks like campaign goes all the way to stage 6-40. It’s possible. I had to play several of them many times to get the perfect hand. I don’t have any max level units with an average level of around 40-45 for all three factions so it’s definitely doable but very frustrating. Good luck everyone!

Also having issues with this one, I am currently the same rank (35) as Roxie but some how generates 15 and techs up and then another 15 for all 3 generators by the time I can get 3 generators built, is it supposed to be twice as fast?

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