Bugs so far that need fixed

 Hello, I’m loving this game but there is some bugs that need some attention.

For some reason the rouge alliance challenge keeps getting stuck at certain tier and numbers and won’t budge. Sometimes they do count other times they don’t.
Next when I close a private message I want it closed out for good not reopen when I reopen the game because I now have like 15 private messages open that I want most closed.
Next please update the players how long they have been offline for. Right now it shows 57 of my members out of 60 are online and I know it’s not the case. Being a leader I want to kick the inactives and showing if someone is offline for a week or say 4 days I want to know.
A few suggestions would be to add replays maybe when a 2v2 goes down or being able to share to alliance. Also friendly battles for the alliance why have in global but not alliance. That’s everything I wanted to say and keep up the good work.


100% on the above bug list and adding the shadowstalker bug that is a known issue. Lost a few matches due to this bug. :cry::cry::cry:


Buggy Assassin :frowning:

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