Bugs after update

A running list:

  • Daily coin bonus is not scaled per the new scheme
  • Recruit chests display the “New!” banner on cards, even if they’re maxed already
  • Mimics choose Raptors over Spectres (not new but for godssake please fix it)
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Can you explain in more detail the ‘daily coin bonus is not scaled per the new scheme’? Thanks for reporting!

The first three are a wins grant coin bonuses. These are still in the ~2k range.

Addendum to the list: heal bots are stupid broken. Savvy mentioned it in passing in another thread, it they healed my Avasa from about 25% health to nearly full in a single heal. That worked in my favor, but I’ve been bitten by it a couple of times too :slightly_frowning_face:

Also, storm kestrels go from 0 to infinity damage in no time. It’s way broken.

We will have another look at the heal bots and kestrals - I think we have identified the issue and are working on a fix.

The daily coin bonus is a multiplier on your arena coins - maybe you’re playing in a lower arena than usual? I know we unlocked the first arena for the other two factions so if you played those arenas while your bonuses were up you would have gotten a smaller bonus… Ideally if you play the higher arenas while the bonus is active you should be getting the bigger coin bonuses. I’ll double check your logs to see if I can narrow down the issue.

Nope, I was playing the lvl 50 arena with my main deck and that’s what I was seeing.

Also, a level 46 pancake does not squash a level 45 pancake in the event, and by definition that’s silly.

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