Bug with playing


Just played with a guild member. He was disconnected from the game starting and mine didn’t disconnect- and I ended up in a 2v2 with him listed as there but he was not. Not sure if I am making sense here. But seems one partner gets kicked from the game and the other doesn’t.


I sent over a private message for some more information so that we can look into this. When you have a chance, please reply! Thanks!


Hmmm. Where are would I find this private message?


I have same issues and 2v2 often connection lost notice right before fight


Looks like you found it. I’ve forwarded the info to our engineers to take a closer look. From experience, if someone cancels the queue or disconnects after “Opponent Found!” shows up, both players will receive a connection error, but if one of the players disconnects mid-battle, the game will still continue in the chance that the remaining player and their teammate’s AI units can still eke out a win.


Understand but neither of us quit.

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