Bug with event battle cards being level 1

image For the event I am forced to use 2 legendaries I do not have, and have no way and no hope to acquire during the event. The being forced to use these legendaries is not the bad part, the badness stems from them being level 1.

Hopefully this is a bug. Using level 1 seeker missiles doesn’t event kill a swarm of raptors. Level 1 Battle bus or w/e it’s called gets 2-shot by level 9 grunts/reinforcements.

If this is not a bug, this seriously needs to be looked in to. Forcing people who haven’t been lucky with legendary draws, or who went down the “wrong” season unlock path, to be stuck with level 1 cards would just be bad.

Please see 2.50 release notes announcement

Cool, cool, cool, coolcoolcool.
So the events aren’t supposed to be fun and even somewhat fair. They are there for those that are lucky and/or drop a ton of money on the game to thrive while those that aren’t suffer. Smart.

I’ve never seen anyone complain about the old event system for unowned cards. But now, In alliance and global I’ve seen dozens complaining about the level 1 unowned cards they are FORCED to use in events.

Won’t help anything, but I guess here’s some constructive feedback/suggestion;
In events make unowned cards that are locked in to the event decks equal to the commander level, up to a max level like 9. Level 1 commander and unowned = Level 1 card. Level 14 commander and unowned = level 9.

I always thought events were for fun and pushing players to play with / experiment with new cards. It’s impossible to get a feel for how a card works if it’s utterly useless and probably pushes people away from those cards in the future due to the bad experience and only seeing them as useless. Now it feels like if you aren’t EXTREMELY lucky and/or spending a ton of money you’re being punished.

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