Bug with clan number

I can no longer see if my clan mate are on or off always says 0


What is the name of your alliance/clan?

@SolidWorkMan In the alliance, Savages.

Looking at your roster, I see that the ‘ACTIVITY’ system indicated that your alliance isn’t very active. Also that your alliance nearly reached one third of the maximum number of (60) players in a alliance. The chances of seeing someone online in your alliance is low unless the number of players in your alliance increase to the range of 20 to 40 players.

So, was there anyone chatting in your alliance chat while the ‘TEAMMATES ONLINE’ says 0?

Yes… Majestic and I were online at the same time.

We recently had an officer go rogue and kick all members except for officers.

Our activity is pretty good considering the circumstances. Our players are often in chat trying to get raids done together.

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