BUG: New update - got locked out of this event

Hi guys,

I got locked out of the event twice just after updating. I’ve restarted the phone, Uninstalled, reinstalled, nothing worked.

So after logging in successfully and landing in the main menu (starting page) the message reads something like “Application crash / could not access the internet, the app will restart”.

So far it has happened twice at the same time:

  • Friday 10pm (European time) till 2am
  • Saturday around 9-10pm till 5am
    Outside of those 2 times I was able to play normally.

Basically within those 2 periods of times I was not able to play at all!

I know this is not a wifi problem as I was able to play other games, uninstall and reinstall this game. Besides I was able to log in to the main menu where I could see everything in the landing page. It looks like it could be a maintenance server issue but my other mates confirmed they were able to play.

Mr. Nam is also another player who got locked out just like myself. Many others if I see the global chat briefly (before being locked out again).

I had a similar issue for the last 24 hrs of an event a couple weeks ago. I opened a ticket and got a reply a day later informing me that they screwed up daylight savings time or something like that…

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You mean app crashed and pop up something like error internet connection issue? Yes, it’s also happened to me. Since the update i noticed that when it reset the daily quest this problem will happens to my app. I couldn’t even be in game for more than 10 second lol😰

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Yes and this happening again just now. Same time as the previous days on Friday and Saturday!

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