Bug in which I fail to reclaim center

In my last game, towards the end, I clearly advanced beyond lower center, but it fails to register that or give me the lower powerplant.

Thank you for reporting this!

Here is another examples. I think it might be a madness bug

Usually these sorts of problems only happen in the context of events. In order to make the wacky behaviors happen (e.g., getting stronger for each kill) we have to do a bunch of stuff under the hood.

For instance, sometimes we get reports in events that people can’t rebuild their powerplants once they’re destroyed – the special rules sometimes break some of the normal systems.

Yeah I’ve been disadvantaged several times this event because I wasn’t able to reclaim center (despite actually reclaiming center).

Also, and this one some real crap: I just lost a match I shouldn’t have because I threw three madnesses on oppo’s Avasa, in a row, and she didn’t seem to rethink wailing on my structures at all.

Also also, please take whoever decided to feature madness out to lunch. I’ll buy. Order them the day-old sushi :unamused:

Change this to whoever decided to create madness, it’s still the most unbalanced card there is.

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Madness is the worse and broken card In the game one card that can change the game so easy and people using 3 of them make the cost a little higher and it will be on maybe around 7 or 8 energy and it won’t be so bad

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