Buffed Decks, this doesn’t work

Sorry but this is still unacceptable. How can you charge one player for it and then give it freely to another. I understand the desire to balance it out but adding levels that people had to pay for is ridiculous.

You keep seeing random players who just have max decks. Anyhow, try again.


:raised_hands:t2: Preach!! I concur

Ain’t that the truth. This game seriously needs bots that has a similar level to what the player has, rather than having a ‘boosted level’ system.

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There’s no way they can have bots that play at a human level, so that doesn’t work.

Also I think you guys are a little confused on “buffed decks.” The decks don’t appear buffed to the user of that deck. Someone who has lvl 10 units that get regularly “buffed” to 17 is not gonna reach diamond, or any higher rank than if their units were lvl 10, since to them, their units still look as if they’re lvl 10. Which is to say: they’re not getting anything they’re not paying for. Does that make sense?

And I would much rather have this than 10 min matchmaking.

@Jinduckey’s assessment is fairly accurate. Players in adjusted matches do not keep boosted stats, and the medal gains/losses are based on your own elo rating. Essentially, these matches rely on individual player skill more than relying on the unit level differential to carry a victory.

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Right…except one player had to spend x amount of rss and another was gifted it. Even temporarily. Or am I missing something? There is a still a cost differential.

Saying it’s not fair isn’t really a good response since you built the structure and you set the costs.

But even temporarily giving one player something that you charged another for is ridiculous.

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@Pandread Is the argument you’re making that the game should be more pay-to-win? One of the goals of this system is for matchups to feel more even in terms of expected win rates. Adjusted matches are shifted so that the higher-ranked player still has a > 50% expected win rate. The ideal experience is that all the matches you engage in from Bronze through Challenger are at least somewhat challenging (60-40 win rates as opposed to something like 80-20). It follows that when you’re in Diamond or above, the matches don’t get easier just because you’re at a higher rank.

What alternatives would you propose in order to reduce queue times while still maintaining fair matchups?

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I think there is some confusion between a real player with boosted cards, in a replay you can tell what has been boosted, and bots with all cards boosted/maxed out.
Am I right in assuming an opponent that displays as challenger rank with all things maxed but doesn’t exist on leaderboard amongst the challenger ranked players is a bot?
However if an opponent has 1 or more cards boosted by 3 levels, then it’s a real player?

No, I think they are not bots. They are just lower ranked people whose names and ranks have been obfuscated. There’s no way that they have bots that play as well as these people do.

If you charge one customer for something and then provide another with something augmented for free, even if it’s temporary, that’s a fairly discriminatory practice. I would advise contacted apple or your financial institution for a refund as this seems fairly fraudulent.

From your comments I’m not sure that you have all the information on how the system works. If you’re fully informed and are unhappy about it that is perfectly fine, and I would like your feedback on why you think the system is flawed, but first I want to make sure we are discussing the issue with a complete understanding of how it works.

As an extreme example, let’s say we have a Champion rank player with units ranging from level 15-17, and a level 17 commander. The opponent that is getting boosted through the handicapping system is Gold rank with units ranging from levels 9-12, and a level 11 commander.

-From the perspective of the Champion player what he or she is seeing is another Champion player with a fake name, and units ranging from 15 to 17, and a level 16 commander (basically a bot piloted by an actual human being). From data we can see that the players that are being boosted have a somewhat lower winrate (around 40%), which makes sense as they are less experienced, and lose more even if they have a equal level units.

-From the perspective of the lower level player, they are facing a player with units ranging from 9 to 12, with a level 12 commander. This player is also basically facing a bot that’s piloted by another human player, but with units and commander closer to their level. They get no benefit from this, as they are gaining/losing medals as if they were facing another player at their level (this is true regardless of this is the regular 1v1 queue, or in events).

From what we’re seeing in the metrics this is only beneficial to the higher level players, as they have a higher chance of winning in these matchups than the lower level players. From the perspective of the lower level player they are not getting any benefit, they just faced an opponent with units at their own level but with an unusually high skill. However, all players have drastically reduced queue times as we can find users quickly even with our currently limited player base.

With this in mind, what part of this do you think is unfair to the person that has paid to get higher level units? Our goal with this system is to create the best possible experience for all players so if you have complaints about it we are eager to hear it, but we need to understand the details of why it’s not working for you to be able to take correct actions.

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The intent is fine but I’m not sold on the method. If you don’t have any players at that level then that means your cost structure is probably off. Your goal is to decease queue times and while I want to believe you have the players best interest at heart, I’ve also watched PocketGems and WarDragons for the last 3 years.

I can see the short term benefits but any time you augment a player with something that someone else has to expend more rss on that’s dangerous ground. I understand it’s a temporary boost. But it’s still an advantage given at two different price points for two different people. While I’m not a fan of the 20 min queue that also means you don’t have enough active players in your game, this is still a problem for the developer.

I’m simply saying that having one person spend x amount and then another to spend y to be given something of relative value isn’t that right either.

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