Boy, you must want people to quit

This game is getting beyond ridiculous. The pandering that the dev are doing for cash cows has gone beyond belief.

How can you lock commanders in event? Not everyone can afford to have multiple high level commanders. So, now I have to deal with losing damn near every match up because you have locked my only chance at winning. GJ, if this continues I and others I speak to are done

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I thought it was strange to lock out Ascension; but I didn’t even think of the fact we acquire each commander as we level up. I am in 100% agreement with you, here. This is BS.
Pandering is the perfect word to describe the developers approach to any issue.

I think it was theoretically to limit people from just using the same one over and over.

The more I think about it @S7campusLifer would it be possible to only have certain commanders access to certain units? Not sure realistic this is?

I’m gonna side with the devs on this one. We’re already mixing units from multiple teams, so where’s the harm in forcing people to play with a different general, too? Most people have multiple generals at playable levels, if not, time to diversify. Experience some other generals that you don’t normally play. Don’t like any of them? Then consider it tactical research for pvp. Know thy enemy.


Anyone having issues loading the game this weekend?

That would be true if it didn’t take an absurd amount of silver to level up units past 16. Thus, when people are leveling a certain arch type they do not have the silver left to level another. Each level of a commander takes three units to upgrade. Thus, cash cows have high level commanders while other are stuck with lvl 10-12 fight 16+ ones. Your logic makes zero sense with these factors.


Continued: Furthermore your wall and base hp is based on your commanders level. This, you are in a huge hole when fighting higher level commanders. This is not a winnable situation that skill can dig you out of.

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Based on the current ELO system, you will average a 40-60% win rate regardless of what you are playing. So having to fall back on your security blanket general is irrelevant. You will win the at roughly the same rate playing your lvl 16 Kuro or playing your lvl 10 Roxy.

@Klokwerk based on the ELO system; NOTHING IS BALANCED.

Hence they’re “revamping” of their systems.
They’re revamping b/c it’s not working .

And @ToneysReviews has it exactly right. How do the developers expect anyone to be able to level up their commanders much less any cards with the new gold/silver system.

@Tekk LOL. I really can’t disagree with anything you said here. I’ve been very vocal about my opposition to the ELO system, because it ignores skill and deck development. My point was: who cares what general you play when the system is just going handicap your success anyway; best deck or worst deck will end up with roughly the same result.

Regarding the stranglehold on coin and the new gold system, I totally agree. Here’s my reward pic from collecting 70k gold from my mines…1000 gold!!! Or 2 units that I can get in Alliance donations.

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You must be very bad or out of your mind. I have won several events and have the icons to show it. When I don’t win I am always within the top five. Now, let’s come back to reality. You state, no matter the deck you will have a 40-60% win ratio. Then explain this to me, how is it that I have never placed out of the top 10 and I am now in the top 70. I am literally righting to remain 50. Take away the commander level and you have zero time to formulate a plan as your wall just dies.

You make zero sense.

@ToneysReviews I’m neither bad nor out of my mind, so knock off the ad hominem attacks. I have several gold tournament portraits for taking top spot as well. And I don’t need to explain anything to you. Use your search engine and read some posts where the developers are talking about the ELO system. I didn’t create the system and I don’t even like it. I’m simply trying to clue you in on the process based upon information that’s already out there. I understand that you’re a good player and I applaud that, but clearly you’ve placed all your eggs in one basket and it’s hurting you. I guess you know what you need to do to remain competitive.

I can’t get the link to work, but checkout S7campusLifer’s comments under the thread:

Madness is killing the game.

This change was announced a month ago in the v2.40 release notes

There was an active thread at the time with a lot of replies, context and explanation. Please continue the discussion there.

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