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Hello there,

Last update something happened with the matchmarking and “real time bots”. Something that creates a lot of frustration to almost the whole playerbase.

I think this is a major issue because last update also introduced a lot of really good and awesome stuff that has been eclipsed by this topic. As a player that has been playing this game since november, I can remember how hard it was to get legendary units, coins, matches in less than 15 min, etc.

What is clear is that matchmarking has been improved by a lot, but fighting against a gold player with a full level 17 deck is really frustrating. The main issue here is that even top players doesn’t have a full maxed deck (I’m at top5 at the time I write this post, yet my seraphs are only lvl 14).

With this being said, I would suggest to improve the bots by decreasing rare, epic and legendary units by a fixed amount (maybe 1, 2 and 3 levels below the commander level, or 0, 1 and 2).
Also, there is a special mention here for those cards that have just been released with the new season. I would limit the levels of these cards even further and increase them from time to time to allow real people to catch up.

Kind regards,
Román R.

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