Bots in Champion Arena

@S7campusLifer Why am I playing bots in the arena? I am trying to stay in the top 100 and play people, not an unbeatable bot, and not an easy defeated bot. I am also trying to play 2v2, but I either don’t get a match or play a lvl 8 bot. If you cannot get enough players to field this many arenas, then should this not be changed? If this update has decreased your player base by this much, is it time to change? Or if it has in fact increased, then take away these bots and let me play a real person. I can wait 15 seconds more. When I look up an alliance from someone I just played in champion, and cannot find it, I feel like I’m wasting my time on this game. I want to be at the top of real humans and see how my strategies work. There is not much fun in the game left.

You’re not playing bots. You’re playing people in lower arenas with their names changed and card levels bumped up to your arena.


No, I check their alliance and it doesn’t come up

The alliance names used for renamed players aren’t real.

Alliance names are also changed

See this thread.

Exactly. So if they aren’t real people the. They’re bots

No. Their names are made up. Read the post man. :man_facepalming:t2:

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