Bot opponent's level is not appropriately displayed

Hi devs,

Today in the event I encountered this type of bug that my bot opponents’ (I assumed its a boosted player) was displayed far below its real level. At the very beginning, I deployed my lancer to grab the middle ground while my opponent sent out his level 12 counterpart. What surprised me was that his lancers caused exactly the same damage as mine. That is to say his lancers were actually level 17 (it made me suspect that the real player was level 12). I have had this situation twice or three times. This is very deceptive and makes player underestimate the opponent. Hope you guys can get it fixed.

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Hi! Thank you so much for reporting this. I can’t say what the source is, but it sounds like a bug to me. We’ll look into it

Instead of creating a new thread, I’ll add to this if I may.

My Val is lvl 16, and upon playing someone this evening with a lvl 14 Val, my barrier was 16 but the bots and Val herself came out at 14. Then in a game immediately following, I was again met with a player at lvl 14, but this time my bots and Val was the correct lvl 16. I’m hoping this is a bug, as it certainly seems that way, instead of nerfing my Val that I’ve worked hard for. You’re more than welcome to watch my replays.

If you watch the replay against NateCat you’ll see what I mean. I tried to upload a screenshot but it didn’t work.

I think this is frustrating for higher level players because we have worked hard and most of us have spent a lot of money to get our units and commanders where they are. When we fight a battle, we should be allowed to use our cards at the level we got them to, without fear of nerfing or our opponent being boosted, which gives them an advantage they didn’t earn.

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Hi @PHNEWALLETKEYS. My belief is that we’ve already coded the fix to the problem you’re describing and it should be in the next release

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Hi, thank you for your prompt reply. Looking forward to seeing that fix takes place.

Lol yes I saw that right after I posted this. When is that update expected to roll out?


I’m sorry I can’t reliably give a real ETA. I’ve seen Apple’s App Review process accept our app in 10 minutes, and one time I’ve seen them keep asking for revisions for over a month before they would accept our update.

Unfortunately, in researching this thread I’ve learned about more bugs around this problem. The next update should stomp out the bug mentioned by @PHNEWALLETKEYS but not the case @DOOP2 has described. I now understand the source of both. We’ll be fixing @DOOP2’s problem in an upcoming release but it’s too late to get into this next app update.

If it makes you feel any better at all, all of these problems are happening because YOU are actually the player being boosted upward. In these cases, the system is actually trying to give you the advantage against someone who probably has mostly level 17 cards. It is breaking because some of your cards almost are as good as the maximum and it’s creating bugs trying to give you a boost. When you’re seeing this happen, it’s not that the other person is being boosted – you’re the one who the system is attempting to boost upward.

Thank you both for creating this thread reporting issues and pushing me to dig and figure out the problem.

I’m currently at work between meetings, but when I have more free time I will try to compose a post giving more details on how all of this works under the hood.

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