Boss blitz: we can be positive and constructive a bit too

Dear S7,

After few days of hard grinding, please find below some blitz:

  • ok that remains a hell of a grind to have to play a potential of 480lvls at once
  • however you mentioned you developed the feature for new players, which would play 2-3 a day growing into the game
  • in fact that match anyway with a natural progression on a yearly basis to max all cards to lvl17
  • yes that s where you can expect next incoming complain, from lvl15 on, if not both players have only key required lvl16-17 only cards you can t move forward
  • it is believed that fairly complain from old time players at the beginning come from the fact that first lvl are boring grind only so annoying. However, when you start to hit top lvl, it starts to become a challenge and I saw people not initially attracted liking the challenge…
  • difficulty is as mentioned progressive and improving deck strength is only way to move forward, for sure with proper needed cards. On the other hand it is believed that Yatsu, Calico and Sam are way too hard and needs to be adjusted (Reduce waves speed for yatsu, reduce grrr strength or numbers by Calico, remove or split more combo sniper/air/rocket by Sam)
  • gold reward should be adjusted. Currently you could expect to get equivalent of a leg a week with lvl10 mine, guess might be 1,5 with max mine, i e a total of 4,5 when you would release the 2 more mines… that s too low honestly as only around total 150 copies of leg per year. That is not in line with your objective for players to be able to max a deck in a year. It would be recommanded to at least x5 the given gold at all lvl. That looks a resonnable number too as would mean you can collect 60k a day currently with a lvl10 mine and in future in around 8h with 3 mines. That would bring the mission « collect 60k gold » in an usual acceptable timeframe for most.

Hope to not have been too long. Thanks for reading.



Hi Picci, thanks for the feedback!

As I’ve been reading through all the feedback about the bosses, I’ve been waiting to see what people had to say in a week because the “real” feedback I’m expecting to hear about is more like what you’re saying here: The level 13+ bosses are HARD. Calico is SUPER HARD. Our expectation is that the final levels of a boss require: Two players with maxed out cards, who rearrange their decks to be designed specifically to defeat the boss in question. These players will need to try repeatedly until they happen to both get the right card draw to beat the boss. HINT: Yatsu is going to need a lot of “Freeze” spells to beat :stuck_out_tongue:

In terms of payout – a level 13 gold mine will produce 1,000 Gold per hour (24k Gold per day.) Once we all 3x of the moons available that will be 3,000 Gold per hour (72k Gold per day).

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They are challenging. Not the problem, yet. Then I’m not above 11 for any yet.

Why make the Quest rewards so horrible?

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So with quests requiring 60-70k gold, this proves your ultimate goal was to slow down players from completing multiple quests and thusly slowing the coins down even more. Right?


Absolutely. No one seems to see this aspect as an issue.

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Having gotten to level 19 Pyle I had a feeling this might be the case. The problem is your game is poorly designed to be playing around with the composition of the deck. I know you have talked about the problems of multiple decks for the same commander but how about having a PvP deck and a Boss Deck for each?


^^^^^ This right here

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Private Pyle… defeated… woot on to the next one.

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Hi @S7campusLifer,

Thanks for the extra info on the max gold possibility. We could feel that you are currently not looking to change anything there. As mentioned , it is believed that the people could live overtime and get use to an end game mode. However the economy is just not realistic in current model. The proposal was looking fair and not exagerated. As an 8 months old player, I could fairly assess how in game economy evolved and whether or not current one would match to your « selling strategy » to players that they could max everything in about a year or so. This is currently not the case. This is mathematical and when I will have time in coming days, I will show these facts in a post for you to comment.

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Part of my problem. You do all this work, both performance and grind. For a currency that is, for most of the game, useless…


My biggest positive on this is that it’s making alliance members play together more and the chat room has increased traffic as well. Thanks for that!

I’ve commented on this topic way in a more general a long time ago before this feature was released:

At a high level, independently of the Gold Mines feature, we didn’t intend the endgame to involve grinding never-ending randomly generated “Recruiting Expedition” quests to farm coins as fast as possible. We didn’t design the Gold Mines feature to specifically limit the rate at which this quest can be completed, but we’re definitely not planning our features around retaining this recruiting-expedition-quest-grinding behavior.

I agree. Intent was probably good. Execution, maybe not as much :sweat_smile:

Every time someone comments about how a new feature slows down the economy even more someone from S7 pops in with… we never intended people to generate coins that way… or … the intent of that feature was not that high level players run it over and over again.

Well then what is the intent of how end game players are supposed to generate coin cause right now we basically aren’t to any major extent.


As someone who’s only played for about two months I can safely say the quest system in its current state won’t teach me anything since I can only do one quests every week maybe. As a diamond 1 in two factions I have no incentive to even attempt higher then mine level 8 due to deck power limits stopping my attempts and guild mates being unable to help at the levels I need to challenge. At level 8 I make 387/hour. That’s 60000 gold for the quests so 155 hours to complete. That’s 6.4 days if I don’t miss anything. So… I get one quests a week to help try and push me to use a new faction. This patch was completely counterproductive to the intent your stating. It would only be worse for even newer players who can’t achieve that rank 8 mine or are unwilling to do the boring grind or who simply can’t find players to help level it because nobody has any incentive to help

In the previous version of the quests at least it made me jump around between the three factions as intended. It’s also gave me a reason to play the game other than when my chests were available.


Totally agree man. I’m in the same boat as you. Diamond 2 in a group was th only a couple other diamonds. I can get my mine to level 9 (10 more bosses to get there) but no way I get to level 10. So, a quest a week it is.

Exactly. Gold is now worthless for all but newer players. They get crushed by coins being hard to obtain.

Exactly the point. They shut down that criticism. It is reasonable to expect feedback being constructive. However, criticism means that the person giving it cares. Apathy means that the game is done.

Quests now have little to no value. Either makes them doable within a day or so with regular play or improve them significantly.

Right now the prospects for change are not good.

Why all is based on gold? I don’t understand it. Gold is useless. The incentive to mining is wrong. I won’t spend my time on that boring bosses to get gold. Where do we use gold? To get some few extra cards? But there is no coins to upgrade. The whole thing doesn’t make sense.

Make mines produce coins and players will mine as hell hehehe

I wrote something on this in a different thread: