Boosting people’s card levels is frankly


A load of crap. I put a lot of time, effort and MONEY to get my card levels, and you’re just going to give them to people for free? It doesn’t matter that it’s only for one game. It’s still BS. You’re shafting those of us who have supported your game the most.


I lose to people with equal or better card levels than me all the time, but it doesn’t bother me when I know they earned them. But when there is 9 people in challenger and half of them are in my team, it’s painfully obvious when I play someone boosted and it’s endlessly triggering, more triggering than the new OT.


Yeah its ridiculous. People get Boosted with higher cards then my own. They have 15-16 cards on their regular Deck and when they Play against me they get all units to 17 only cause they are lower ranked.

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I’m about to quit the game.

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I don’t necessarily mind playing handicapped players but don’t make all there cards level 17. Are they assuming lack of strategy or skill and trying to compensate by increasing card strength? I can’t seem to pinpoint any pattern either. Sometimes I’m matched with a handicapped player fairly evenly but a lot of times I get one with all level 17s. Super frustrating. I’m with you…spent way too much time and some money to keep getting unfairly stomped. Also hoping to see a dev response on this. Super curious. I usually see well thought replys and explanations but nothing on this thread…

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Hey there all, I just wanted to chime in to say that we’re not ignoring this thread. The team is having some discussions and analyzing relevant data before we provide a more comprehensive response. I really appreciate your understanding in the meantime!

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In Wild Beyond v2.02, we implemented a matchmaking feature that continued our efforts towards quickly finding you evenly matched opponents. If the server thinks that the weaker player has a 30% or lower chance of winning, we adjust the weaker player’s unit levels upward so that the weaker player has a chance of winning between 30% and 50%. Here’s why we did it:

  • People who wait a long time between pressing “battle” and being in a game often don’t come back, so we want to get people into battles as soon as possible.
  • People who play matches in which the server thinks that one player has a 25% or lower chance of winning often don’t come back, so we want to give people only matches that they have a satisfying chance to win.
  • Eventually we want everyone to be playing against other humans, so we don’t think it’s useful to spend a lot of time making AIs that are as satisfying to play against as other humans are.

I think of level-adjusted opponents as “live bots”. We tuned the system so that as soon as we think a player has been waiting so long that they would choose to play against an AI than wait for a perfect match, we give them a “live bot”.

I want to tell you a couple more things about the system that made it feel like the right compromise to me:

We still give the higher-ranked player an advantage.

We have data that tells us what the expected win percentage between two players is based on their medal count, and we also have data that tells us the approximate medal value of raising every unit level in a player’s deck by one level. We want the stronger of two players to still have an advantage because of their superior skills and collection, but our data suggests that matches where one player has a winning chance below 30% feel too lopsided.

The system aims at creating matchups that give the stronger player an advantage, but a small enough advantage that the game is still competitive. Sometimes this leads to the weaker player having higher-leveled units than the stronger player, but there’s enough skill in Wild Beyond that the stronger player still wins more often. So far, our match win data shows that the stronger player maintains more of their advantage than we thought they would in level-adjusted matches.

We want to honor players’ progress through the collection that they have earned or paid for, but we also aren’t willing to make matches in which one player has no hope of winning. We believe that giving the stronger player a diminished but still measurable advantage is the best compromise that allows us to pair you against another human quickly.

You still can only achieve new ranks by earning them.

We want every player’s journey from Novice to Challenger to be equally challenging, and we don’t think this system changes that. Let’s say that I am in Gold II, and have been paired against Alice, who is in Diamond III. The server uses match result data to estimate how many levels it needs to lower her units by to put her near Gold II. After the match, I gain or lose medals as though I played against a Gold II opponent, and Alice gains or loses medals as though she played against someone in Diamond. In effect, we’ve each played against someone from our league; I can’t progress any faster because I beat a Diamond player, and she can’t be punished for losing to a Gold player.

In an ideal world, we would be able to give you immediate matches against another real player with nearly your exact skill level and nearly your exact unit levels every time. More players are joining the game every day, so we’ll get closer and closer to that world as time goes on. Until then, this is our best solution for giving you competitive games quickly.

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Why, in the event, do I keep playing people that

I understand the bind you’re in, I really do. But it doesn’t change the fact that I get triggered every time I play a boosted player, and it makes me want a refund because they get to use my card levels for free. Even when I win the game I’m still annoyed because they get the card levels for free after I’ve spent hundreds.


Thanks for sharing your thoughts with the team. I’m glad you understand the dilemma we’re all trying to solve, @CrispyLardon. I know that I cannot change how you feel when matchmaking normalization happens, but I can assure you that we’re trying really hard to get to the point where this system doesn’t exist at all. Technically, the system will disappear on its own when that happens because with more equal-strength players to match with you quickly, the system does not activate.

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