Boom event and riot cannon

Riot canon should only be available unless enabled in 2-3 locked slots for all contestants, otherwise its creates an unbalanced event due to availability not enough time to set up base or defend so without it you be disgraced with a colossal boom in your face.

But that’s the point of these cards being so hard to get. I just got my clone card and I love it, is it over powered for how much work it took to get it? Not really, it only gives you level ten units. This event has synergy with different cards just like every other event. Sometimes grunts are the OP choice but that doesn’t mean grunts should be nerfed.

Honestly this event is just kinda nuts lol I’ve been top five for all tournaments since I started and I’m eighth right now and don’t even care, they test certain things like this out for a weekend and I actually enjoy it even if I don’t get the top rewards, I play the game because it’s a fun game anyway

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