Best way to counter Seraph


I use my Nash deck primarily because the Dreadnoughts are beasts and I have a good balanced deck. Generally though, I feel like air units counter Nash pretty hard, especially Seraphs. What is the best way to counter Seraphs with a Nash Deck? They are such long range that it’s hard to get anything in position before it’s wiped out, especially when a mimic is on the field. Does anyone have any tips? Thanks.


Speaking as a player here, the thing that seems to works pretty reliably is rushing down the barrier to the lane where the Seraph is most likely to be placed. Then, your Reinforcements can be dropped right underneath the Seraph. Even if the Grunts don’t kill the Seraph, they should draw fire from your more important units. With the Seraph’s incredibly slow, single-target attack, killing 6 Grunts will take 21 seconds to do if they don’t have an AoE unit or spell to answer with. Skysweepers are also a decent answer. A Skysweeper wins a 1v1 against an equal-level Seraph due to its faster attack speed.

[Addendum] Frag Grenades should also one-shot a Seraph that’s within one level of it. Extra value if it hits other stuff too.


Thanks! I will try these suggestions. I’m sick of the Seraphs three shotting my dreadnaughts. The cast time on my reinforcements is long enough to get them toasted before they can kill the Seraph, if the player has a good AOE damage available.


I usually rally a Skysweeper or Longshot inside Drone Swarms or Reinforcements, even the 4 Grunts will do since Seraph is sooo slow. It’s harder when Seraph is behind other units, especially behind tanks so it helps to have Grenades in your deck. Helps with multiple Seraph as well (Mimic).


A good way to counter Srph is with numbers. Spawn as many units as you can to earn time, or force the other line to make the Srph leave the barrier


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