Best Forces and Commander, opinions?


Who is the best commander and which is the best between the three factions?

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The intention of our game designers is that there is no “right answer” to this question :slight_smile:

Our hope is that all factions and commanders are “viable” but have different advantages/disadvantages depending on the strategy of yourself and your opponent. If any strategy becomes completely dominant, we view that as a problem to be fixed.

If you look at the leaderboards at the top 100 players, you can view their decks and commanders and try to figure out patterns of which things are popular right now.


Still pretty sure Avasa has an edge over the rest. It is not a matter of the commander itself, but having early cheap legion units to secure mid generators while being able to investigate tech3 at no energy cost whatsoever makes it undeniable strong.
This is specially true after the tech energy cost update, although the nerf to her station’s armor stopped her to get out of control.

Also, Avasa herself hits hard, in AoE, both air and ground and has tons of hp. Stronger than any other commander card, but this is only my opinion.

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My personal belief is that avasa is a extremely variable “high risk, high reward” commander.

If you manage to get 2x research-generators early in the game, you can easily jump to your powerful units.

If you get unlucky and don’t draw your research-generators until late game, you’re kinda screwed drawing these useless cards late into the game.


I do agree with that. Avasa is “high risk/high reward”, but the combination of Avasa + legion unit is not. B.E.A.R and shield drone among others highly minimize the “high risk” side by holding the game enough to transition.

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