Best Commander to buy: Giga, Avasa, or Val

Thought this had been asked somewhere before but I’m not finding it. I’ve saved up alliance credits and am about to get a new Commander. But which one? I thought Val early on because Roxie is the commander I most want an alternative to. But she isn’t a game changer as much as Giga or Avasa when she goes the field. She impacts the long game more.

I would say Avasa, she has the most advantages over her counterpart out of the three factions. Val feels weak next to Roxie, the deck feels sluggish and her attack is underwhelming.

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So you don’t think match making is broken because you’re extremely new and haven’t passed bronze, got it. Any second commander should be chosen by how far you’ll be able to level it up and how strong your faction is. If you have a level 8 Val or a level 11 something else, obviously Val would be the wrong choice. Look up the level up read for each and make your decision that way, unless you aren’t far into the game enough yet to where you don’t have a stronger faction, then I once again am just mind blown as to how you think that you know what you’re talking about when it comes to game mechanics. But hey, enjoy the new commander and see you on the battle field lol

That sounds like what I was worried about with Val. The drones are cool and strategically a great advantage if played right. But then she hits the field herself and isn’t much more effective than a good tech 3 card. Avasa enables a tech heavy deck, mine the field with obstacles, and hits hard the field hard with great AOE damage. Giga hits hard and that invulnerability/healing effect is tempty. But even though Kuro is my weakest leader (12) I don’t feel like I want to replace him.

Probably going to get Avasa. I figure it’ll take some effort to level her up to a 12 or 13 but I have the cards for that so it’s just about raising the credits.

I don’t have a favored faction. I’m trying to keep all 3 viable still and playing all three keeps me sharp against all types of players.

With the at events are structured, unless your goal is to to be a top player that’s the way to do it.

Agreed. Some players and even the promo stuff on the game’s Facebook page suggest having a favorite faction but I find the rewards are better and I have more fun being a tactical player instead of a specialist. Keep building all three factions and I can keep raking in Recruiting rewards and then pivot to whoever I have to play for Alliance rewards and back and forth without missing a beat.

I went with Avasa. Leveled her up to 9 right away with credits on hand. Hopefully I have all the right cards to get her to 11 or 12 before I have to collect unit cards to improve her.

Personally I think Val is the best commander for overcoming level disadvantages, because the sheer amount of drones she sends out means that levels don’t matter as much. At least from experience, my level 13.5 avg Val deck (challenger) performs a lot better than my equal leveled decks in other factions (~diamond 1).

Interesting. So it’s easier to fight above your level with Val?

I’ve got her up to level 10 and decided on a test run. Me likey! One match I won so fast I didn’t get to even put her on the field or take advantage of the tech power. But the next match I got behind when thr opponent took out my research lab too soon (tried to put it mid field after some Teddys) and I had to upgrade manually. Kuro on my doorstep with some backup before I could drop the Avasa bot next to a Reaper I’d deployed. From there it was an unobstructed march downfield through their barrier and to victory. Even at only a 10 that’s a scary powerful bot.

Yeah it seems so. If you put three of each of the miners, dead eyes, and pyros, you can try your best to hold off early game until late late game where hopefully you can eventually win.

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