Beast mode rewards don’t seem worth it at all


Especially when you have to use gems to buy ticket packs if you ever want to hit 50 wins in 3 days


Its total shit event. Cant use half the cards cause i dont own the legendaries lmao. Worthless event for f2p and new players

LOL my lvl 7 walkers vs someones lvl 14 walkers. Ya idk why u thought ne one would enjoy this shit event but its just a shittier version of gaunlet.


The rewards don’t seem worth it right now because they’re not. Its a shame every new game mode costs gems to play regularly


THis event is not worth the time of setting up a team. As stated above, you are pit against all kinds of different levels as well as troop levels aren’t equalized. Total trash to play when there is no equality.


Hi guys! I’m happy to report we’re hard at work building more compelling rewards. We wanted to release the mode as early as possible to get your feedback on it.

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