Be active and helpful this game grow


If you’re reading then kudos to you.

This game is great and hopefully we, the players, can help S7 grow this game as big as it can get. I just hope that people remain active. I do not want to see another good game crash and burn due to lack of players.

So spread the word, invite your friends, make a YouTube video or something lol.

  • ProjectRamzee


Nice dude (or girl) :slight_smile:


Apparently you’ve never played any pg games. Best thing to do is let it die.


@Ndawen Come on. Just get out of the game and dont spread your toxicity here


Well you were warned. Seems you don’t know the truth either.


I know. Im from War Dragons too and players like you destroys fun games like these


game is good too its one hou dont wanna give up on


Actually, I left War Dragons …as did others I know…because the social atmosphere was smothering the game. Felt like we were sinking in sugar!