Battle Rewards Rare Chests


Hey guys…so I definitely noticed that the LARGE battle rewards rare chests aren’t coming since the last update. I play a lot and would get a really good BR rare chest about every day and a half. I think I’ve gotten one since the update. Just to clarify, I usually get about 800-900 coins in the rare chest but when the “good” one would come, I’d get 3600-4000 coins. Anyway, this really kept me motivated to keep playing. Knowing that I was going to get a bit of a boost and possibly upgrade a unit. Losing a little motivation since this change. Just food for thought! Thanks


I was just thinking this myself, I used to get epic chests about once a day

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We didn’t make any changes to chest drop rates recently, but we’ll look into it just in case!


Yes please do so, ever since the update I haven’t got any epic chests :frowning: and now that I ranked to diamond I’d soo love to see the diamond bonus on epic chests lol

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