Battle Failure whenever playing with Alliance


Whenever I do cooperative battle and an alliance member joins, there is a connection failur, I get a battle failure message and the game crashes. This only happens in 2x2 when Alliance members join (no matter that alliance member). Whenever a non-alliance member joins in 2x2 or I play solo, the game works flawlessly.


This matchmaking issue you’re experiencing is related to Live Update 199 today. We’re working on resolving this one ASAP. Sorry for the inconvenience!


It is still happening…not only does it crash with alliance 2v2 battles, but after crash we are unable to see any invites to 2v2 battles


@ElOhssa For battle invites, you are required to be within 800 medals of your ally in order to join them. Check to see if this is true first. As for 2v2 battle crashes, the team is investigating crash reports from matchmaking for our next update. Thank you for the report!


Is this still an issue for anybody else? Every time I try to join a 2v2 or cooperative battle I get a connection issue. Are you still working on this?


The 800 medals is true. Just checked it with my teammate

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