Battle Concert Event Exploit Investigation

Hello Commanders,

Thank everyone for helping to keep Wild Beyond a fun and fair place for all players. We are currently in the process of investigating a potential exploit in the game that allowed for non-event units to be played in the current Battle Concert event. It is important to stress that any form of unfair play or intentional exploitation of the game can result in action which ranges from suspension to a permanent restriction from game.

We apologize for any trouble that this has caused anyone.

Wild Beyond Support Team

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I haven’t personally ran into this but glad to hear it’s being fixed, sounds like it could be frustrating

After a bit of digging we found that there’s likely a hole in the system that allowed for it to occur to begin with. We’ll be looking into some checks that we can have in the game to further make sure it can’t happen. We do appreciate everyone who has written to us about it.

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A specific player was attacked yesterday in global chat because of this. Can you please clarify to other players that there wasn’t cheating going on? The player used the cards available as you know. Thank you

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