Battery drainer

Both my fiancé and I have been experiencing the same issue with our phones getting incredibly hot while playing the game. Also, when you open the app with 100% battery, within 15 minutes it’s down to 60%. Basically, if you don’t have your phone plugged in while playing, your phone will be dead in an hour. This isn’t an issue with our phones, as this is the only app that does this.

Same here. Scratch that, I think everyone here playing this is facing this kind of issue. Also, I don’t think this was mentioned beforehand, but this game needs a graphics settings option, since the quote on quote ‘Battery Saver’ on Apple devices really doesn’t change anything related to this game.

EDIT: Plus, on my end, all background apps are disabled while playing WB, and nothing changes.

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This is an issue with your phones because I’ve never heard anyone say this and I’m on quite a bit, just because other apps don’t work your phone as hard doesn’t mean that it’s not your hardware.

Yep, I only run this game and nothing else at the same time

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Lol it is not an issue with our phones. Just because you’ve never seen anyone mention it before doesn’t mean it’s not happening, I just happen to be the first one to post about it. I hardly think my brand new phone is having issues with the “hardware”. It’s not my phone.

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Depending on the hardware used players may have very different experience. I wouldn’t discount anyone’s reports of having very short battery life on some devices, and other’s having very reasonable battery life on others. @SolidWorkMan I think you’re making a very reasonable suggestion of having different performance options regardless of what device is being used.


Yep! I believe the performance and battery usage matter in these types of mobile games that drains the battery a lot faster than other games. I’ve seen only a couple of battery taxing games, such as Star Wars: Force Arena or Titanfall Assault. Kudos to those that played either of them or both. These games were way ahead of their time as they had options to counter the huge battery drop with either the 30 to 60 frame rate option and/or the low to high graphics option.

Usually in games like these, I either go for the medium or low graphics (or the 30 fps if available) option to save battery efficiently as possible. Plus, I would have more time to play matches rather than worrying the battery percentage after every match or two. Also, it would take a little bit longer for a device to get warm to extremely hot.

A great example of this would be this video below:

Players with different devices whether it’s an iPhone X or a 7 would notice a huge difference in performance and battery usage while testing out every graphic option available. So all in all, if the player favors performance, then they would go for the mid or lowest option. Same goes for those that favors graphics over performance. The highest option would be their way to go.

Well thank you for your response, I guess I don’t understand the hardware thing. My fiancé and I have two different phones and have the same issues, and are even experiencing it on our iPad. As I’m typing this, my phone is so hot from playing one battle that it’s almost to hot to hold.

To be honest, we haven’t spent a huge portion of our energy optimizing out battery usage yet. Hopefully we can make it better when we do.

That said, products like this generally are hard on the battery. Yes, it has intense graphics and you can make the problem better by turning off some of the rendering effects or simplifying the pretty graphics. But beyond that, it’s a very “server heavy” realtime battle game. Even outside of games, mobile apps which use a lot of networking resources eat up your battery very quickly. (e.g., when I look at my own personal device, Instagram has used up more of my battery than almost anything else.) Turning off or optimizing away our use of the network is something much more difficult / closer to impossible without making the game unplayable.

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