Base/Barricade Level Question

These are two games taken place within a 10 min time span. The left guy is the same me, Nash level 10. However I’ve noticed in one of the games my base level and barricade level became 9. How is that so? That Sipos guy was silver 6 and that Siiiiiimon guy was gold 1; I was silver 5. That Sipos guy had a Rush gold trophy, I had a silver one; he got all the cheap rush cards at game start and I had more expensive cards dealt in hand. That Siiiimon guy had level 11 and 12 units and I had level 10s. If the system tries at all to balance the powers I should be leveled up to match them, not the other way around. What is going on? These were 1v1 games.

Hi @Alphredo. Sadly, there’s a bug in v2.10 which caused this. The fix is planned to come out with the next app update (v2.11). Thanks for reporting!


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