Balance problems

There are some major balance issues with the units. Things like the Legion bear that costs nothing and is first level - the cheapest first level for Ascension is 3! Or the Ascension epic warrior that has like twice the health and three times the damage of the Cyclops but costs the same. And some of those epic units like that warrior, the battle cruiser, and ant farm are so powerful and hard to obtain that if your opponent has them and you don’t, it’s almost a sure loss.
And on a side note, limiting campaign and boss play to only two tix is just ridiculous, especially since you don’t get more/unlimited when you pay for elite! At least make it two for each. After playing those two and the three multiplayer games for the chests, there’s just nothing more to do for a few hours.
Oh yeah, and guilds are mostly a joke. Outside of unit donation, I’d never even know I’m in one - very few people join other people’s games or chat (both guilds I’ve been in were like this).
The core game is really fun, but these issues make it frustrating and limiting.

Unit rarity is usually an indication of how uncommon a unit is as well as its relative strength compared others of similar tech tier. We’ve seen a bit of feedback on T.E.D.D.Y. in the past, but with the options that the new Seasons units have brought forth, Legion Rush strategies are starting to lose some ground. Keep in mind that raw damage is not the best indicator for a unit’s strength. For the same cost, the Cyclops attacks faster, can hit air units, and is a ranged unit so it will get in a few attacks before melee units can even get close to it. Its DPS (damage per second) is also very close to that of the Eternal Warrior. Every unit has a weakness. Ant Mama, for example, is a tech level 3 unit that costs 5-:energy:, but it gets one-shot by something like a 2-:energy: Shadowblade that’s tech level 1. Dreadnaughts are scary, but they can’t attack air and lose to things like Punch Boxes and Cloud Mantas, etc.

Thanks for the feedback on Campaign tickets. I’ll bring that forth to the game team.

You’ll be happy to know that Improving Alliances is actually already being worked on as we speak! Look forward in the coming weeks for some more discussion on that so we can get some feedback on changes to Alliances.


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