Balance issues kill the interest in the game

My advices:

  1. don’t make opponents selection by the hero level, lots of player using this bag - they level up units and don’t level up hero an this is a usual practice - players with 10 level hero and 14-16 lvl units
  2. when your balance maker selects opponents it has to take accoun of that one players deck can have lots of legendary units and others players deck will have none of them. Balance maker should count the number of legendary, epic, rare and common units and make proof balance 3-3 legendary 3-3 epic etc.
  3. balance maker should find out about flying units and ground units also anti flying units and anti ground units and finally units that shoot both areas, the balance of these types of units should be equal
  4. units levels. If one player has 9,10,11 units in one deck, he should fight with player (9+10+11)/3 = 10 lvl units, the same with 13,10,9 (10+9+13)/3 = 12 lvl the situation when player with 16 lvl units kills player with 10 is desgusting
  5. unit giving from the deck, it is impossible, I had the real replay when the game really played along with my opponent, game gave him lots of flying units shooting both ground an air, when I was given only ground targeted, and now attention the 50% of my deck had anti flying units, well the question is WTF? Winning pool?

Thanks for the writeup @ИДИ_НАХУЙ. I think that it would be fantastic if the matchmaker were able to find an opponent exactly like yourself to create an “even” match, but the problem with much of these suggestions is that it drastically reduces the number of opponents that are considered viable. If Wild Beyond had literally infinite players (or at least an extremely large number), then this would not affect queue times. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case, and trying to subdivide players by commander level, number of legendaries, unit levels, flying or ground, etc. would severely impact queue times, preventing most players from even being able to play at all. Restricting by specific unit or rarity would also negatively affect deckbuilding––a major part of our game. That being said, we still have some room to tweak how far apart players can be in terms of elo/medals and their relative skill to matchmake. We’re closely monitoring win rates and other performance metrics to help guide those decisions.

I keep getting this 40% win chance answer, but from my experiences we are actually experiencing a mechanic that desires to give us a 40% win RATE, I am fine with being matched with higher level opponents that I have a 40% chance to win, especially if I’m getting more points because that literally is benefiting skill. But when the ceiling isn’t low enough, then that argument isn’t valid and that’s what a lot of us are talking about. Less then a month and a half of playing your game I’m literally matching with top tier opponents and I am in no way myself a top tier player yet. I’m trying my absolute best to midigate my frustration and stick with this game, I really am because I do have faith in this game. But things definitely need to be fixed because it seems that everyone feels like the “fun” factor is really starting to diminish due to various issues being brought up by very passionate players that will be happy to continue providing their support as long as there is a reciprocation.

  1. Any player wanting to use low level commander is disadvantaging self.
  2. The type of card doesn’t mean it’s good/bad. There’s plenty of commons I would rather take over some legendaries etc. for all card types this is so, common, rare, epic, legendary.
  3. Having that sort of thing defeats the whole point of putting together your deck…
  4. It would be nice to have evenly matched levels, but then there’s groups of players who won’t find any/many matches… also I don’t want to upgrade to 17 to fight 17s.
  5. That’s luck of the draw. Sometimes you’ll love it, sometimes you’ll hate it.

Very interesting to read other players take on the game though. Thanks

You don’t want to be matched with max if your max? So you’re saying that max players who spend to get there should be blessed with the gift of much lower level opponents? I’d like to see how high leveled you are to know where your bias comes from because I’m assuming if things were made more fair, you’d have harder opponents and not win as much

No i’m Saying it’s much more enjoyable for me to fight 17s with 15s and 16s.
It will become boring if I were to use 17s

Majority of times my opponents are maxed, my levels are kept at 14s for secondary decks, and main is 16s

Okay, well that’s a fair power gap regardless and I wouldn’t complain about that, I’m just having an issue rn where my commanders are level 13 and units are level 12 except for my level 15 event units, and now I’m getting matched frequently with challengers who have almost completely maxed decks or close to it

And then am told by the devs that I supposedly have a 40% chance to beat them but in any way I crunch the numbers the chance of winning is pretty null when I get matched with opponents like that

Yeah, i’ve Seen some of the responses, from what I have seen, they are saying you’re pretty good hence reason you are seeing a lot of difficult match ups.
For some players they’ll enjoy things like that, but for others it’s what annoys them.
Pretty hard to cater for everyone’s preference so i’m willing to bet they’ll go for things that encourages(forces?) a player to spend.
Fair match ups etc isn’t one of them, if a player is satisfied with opponents given, they’ll not feel the need to spend since what they have is enough.
On the other hand players losing tend to think it’s not enough so could lead to spending… if you get what I mean.

So i’m Also willing to bet what you’re experiencing is their actual goal. Doesn’t sound right yeah?

Oh yeah, I agree that I 100% think it’s calculated for the outcome of breeding spending habits. I’m fine with an opponent as high as level 15 with level 15 units. That’s a challenge but I’ve beat 16s a few times too each event, but it’s so rough when I beat them and then get someone even tougher than that who are actually maxed and it’s just like jeez, normally win streaks are rewarded but I often go into spending a ticket hoping that I didn’t win the previous battle so I have a chance of getting anyone relatively close. Goes the opposite way too, I hate being matched against a random level 8 because I feel like I’m taking candy from a baby but it’s not like I’m going to throw the match and waste the ticket to be altruistic

And then this happens…I don’t know where that 40% was
image image image

Here’s an example of a reasonable yet higher level opponent and taking that 40% opportunity to winimage

I see…

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