Balance Balance Balance

It’s time to start re-balancing the factions. The Nash rush is so abused, it’s time to raise the cost of the Legion Tier 1 cheap units.

The entire Rogue faction needs a massive overhaul. The nerf bat needs to be shoved so far up their asses that they look like unicorn twins. The Rogue faction has been OP for a long time now and now all the FOTM club play them. Don’t build energy, just research T2, drop a hive worm, jam box them through the shield and then hive worm to victory. I literally can post videos of losing to three cards in seconds; lots of them. Super fun and a total joke.

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As a Roxie player I can say that the game feels balanced. I’ve lost plenty of matches to Legion and Ascension players with good decks. Sounds like you are an ascension player that needs a better deck…not a game overhaul


I am an Ascension player. My deck is heavy loaded with T1 and T2 units specifically to deal with the blitzkrieg that this game has become. As a Roxy player, I would expect you to defend the balance, given that she is the least balanced of the six. Winning with a tech up and 3 card plays is ridiculous and you know it.

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Honestly there are a lot of unbalanced things in the factions but at this point with ranked being killed off by the devs who cares?

If ranked wasn’t a total joke now I’d be totally on board that the game needs to be rebalanced :man_shrugging:

As a Roxie main, I can report plenty of losses to other factions. Also, tell me more about this hive worm strat. I’ve never seen anything resembling it in the wild.

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Hilarious. :rofl:

Roxie hive worm :bug: strategy is all everyone ever use.its no tech up it’s no cells built.if u can’t win and the first few plays yes Roxie becomes weak.but 9/10 times she going to get what she need to finish you fast.

I think I’ve only lost to that strategy a couple of times these last couple of months, and have beaten it more … has meant re-balancing my teams to T1 though.

What level are you playing at, possibly that affects things?

Just to be clear: I’m not kidding. I play Roxie almost exclusively, win more than I lose, and play against plenty of Roxies. I’ve never seen a Roxie win with Hive Worm and no tech up …? Pretty sure not even once…

Just tried a few goes with the hive worm shield attack, got massacred each time, so would agree with you Holee, possibly works if it’s lvl 50 … but still not convinced

43 arena I shouldn’t have to revamp my whole deck just for one or two factions that’s being over abused.

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Ok if u say so. People wouldn’t be complaining about it it wasn’t happening but two out of how many other people that ain’t being beating by this weak shit.

Well, that knife cuts both ways. It’s all anecdotal, and it’s certainly possible that seeing such a memorable (and frustrating) strategy once or twice could morph into “it’s all that roxies do” in the forums. There’s plenty of hyperbole to go around in these threads.

If he have a deck to help stop it hole I’ll like to copy cuz I’m tired of being beat by that.

Hey it’s all balanced with rouge hive worms strategy you seems don’t know how to counter it. I got shanked by many kuro or giga players and they know how to counter it well. As my main is Roxie i can tell you there’re many weaknesses in this strategy but you have to figure it out by yourself :grin::raised_hands:

Hives require a tech up, so they’re on the same tech tier as punchboxes. If you’re playing rogue, you should definitely have one or two of those in your deck anyway. They’ll make quick work of hives, with or without a zoom box. Longshots would be a tech 1 counter to play as soon as you see it pop up, too. The other factions have more tier 1 anti-air, so be sure to have some scouts or sky sharks in there.

Honestly, I need to see it in action to develop a more specific counter suggestion, because I’m struggling to imagine how one could build a Roxie deck specifically around that strategy. It would be terribly draw-dependent and I don’t like building decks like that.

Talk to divehigh in deadly sins. I’d like to think I have one or the top 10 nash decks in the game, and I can’t beat his kuro worth a shit. He’ll help your deck

Bottom line is this. I’ve seen the deck of the person who started this post, and it’s terrible. -Sorry Klok. With some actual thought put into deck composition paired with strategy, this thread would have never even been started. Anyone agreeing with him either has a terrible deck build or doesn’t understand strategy. My Roxie deck is good, and I even used to have an entire deck built specifically for a hive rush. The fact is though, hive rush is easily countered and other GOOD players figured out how to shut it down, so I changed my build. It doesn’t work unless you get a great hand and your opponent gets a very bad starting hand…same exact thing with an ash rush deck. Stop complaining about balance, rethink your decks and apply some strategy instead of ignoring the fact that timing and card placement is a HUGE factor.


Aside from all the above I’ve played the same champ Roxie meme deck spamming hives while not paying attention at all for something like 6 months. There’s only 4 or 5 active opponents I should concentrate on while playing and I only see them a handful of times a week at most.

A couple are rogue and a couple are asc. Their decks aren’t hard counters to the dumb deck I play; they simply play better than the other 99% of the opponents.

Point being, asc and rogue seem to be fairly balanced vs each other.

Nash is nash, you draw a perfect rush and hope your opponent draws badly or you lose.

Avasa specifically is the weakest and most out of balance commander and desperately needs a buff to compete in 1v1s. For 2v2s dunno avasa might still be good there who knows is 2v2 still a thing?

Further, it’s even tougher to have a good feel on balance with the current state of the game. There’s people that used to be tougher to beat and there have been no balance changes and I haven’t changed my deck at all. Perhaps they are bored and changed their decks to keep things interesting. Perhaps they also are just mindlessly throwing down cards like me because ranked is pretty unmotivating with these arenas and my mindless habits work out better :man_shrugging: