Ascension has too many overtuned cards leading to bad gameplay and balance

Since this thread got sidetracked I’m going to change it :rofl:

Asc has too many units that are badly balanced. These units are primarily madness and warp with several other units also being overtuned like specter. Numbers don’t lie and numbers that illustrate that asc is too strong can be found 3 posts down :+1::+1:

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Well now that people are starting to acquire high level specters to compliment their madnesses and warps I get another asc unit to complain about.

Seriously. What in the actual is the balance department thinking? This game is stupid broken.

:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:Just try hiveworm rush with Roxie and stop complaining!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

When I look at the list of top players today it doesn’t look like Ascension is completely dominating the highest ranks of play.

When I look at the top 6 ranked players for each faction on the leaderboard that are currently showing their main deck on their profile and take their average card level as shown on their profile screen.

Asc avg card level 16.275 avg rank of players data was taken from 11
Rogue avg card level 16.567 avg rank of players data was taken from 20.5
Legion avg card level 16.55 avg rank of players data was taken from 21.66

One of these is not like the others. I wonder why.

I’m kidding I don’t wonder why at all.

Asc players average higher ranks with lower card levels. It’s no mystery why, asc has several cards that are too strong so the players don’t have to upgrade them as far to reach higher levels than rogue and legion players.

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This is probably pretty accurate. Do you think the problem is compounded in 2s when you can play the same card set twice?

Asencion 7 out of top 16 not dominate? Math says it all man…

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In a perfect world each wound have 5 and a third, which means the distribution closest to that is 5, 5, and 6 for one to be 7 is within a normal standard deviation.

Personally right now my best team is Ascension but I keep flipping between Ascension and Legion being on top. My rogue is way behind but not because it isn’t a competitive faction, it’s because I hadn’t finished upgrading that faction before they nerfed coins and I still haven’t come close to catching it up to my other 2 factions.

Did the same thing again as different people have their main deck showing and people move up and down the leaderboard. Just make sure that the first time wasn’t an anomaly :wink:

10 of the 18 players data taken from today are the same making a 45% change in the people data was taken from. Will that change the trends? Nope.

Today’s results:

Asc avg card level 16.35 avg rank of players data was taken from 9.5
Rogue avg card level 16.633 avg rank of players data was taken from 18.16
Legion avg card level 16.633 avg rank of players data was taken from 17

Asc lower avg card level for a higher avg rank. Don’t worry tho game is balanced no problems to see here.

Those average card levels are very close and the ascension data is based on have the number of decks. If the top,ascension players weren’t showing their decks there is a good chance the avarsge level is high. Plus the average level of all of them was over 17 which means a majority of everyone’s cards were 16 or 17 not a significant difference.

The stats you are presenting aren’t backing up that ascension is stronger then the others.

I think you need a course in statistics or reading. If you’re arguing that the top asc players aren’t showing their decks and that’s why asc deck power looks lower (you typed higher I think you got confused) avg deck that’s it should be please refer to the avg rank data I provided.

Actually I use statistics every day in my job. Unless you can show me a larger sample set with standard deviation and some measure of significance this means nothing. You showed a mean for level I assume, what is the median, what is the most frequent level card? What is the distribution of the cards, are there ones with a higher than normal distribution suggesting they may be more powerful or more important?

And I meant the unseen decks are likely higher just like Imsaid. I’m not top 20 this time but ascension happens to be my top deck right now though it flip flops with legion. It’s got the highest level but you don’t see it because most of the time I am playing a lower level deck for quests and chests.


Cool. In that case use data to prove your point.

The lower cards are warp and madness. I can’t be bothered with taking the time to record all of that. I was just annoyed with the devs low quality response of a screenshot of the leaderboard with “looks fine to me” when they can easily access all the data required to actually make a well thought out response if they choose to.

I get what you mean now that the unseen asc decks are higher level. I again refer you to average rank level of the players in both samples so far having asc being an average of twice as high on the leaderboard than the rogue and legion players . . . With avg lower power decks.

Yes the devs have all the data needed, we don’t. That was my point. The devs are watching it. It’s a powerful card, it bears watching but it’s no worse than Warp, or Enlist, or Reaper etc.

Too small a number to have average be as meaningful. What is the median and what is the standard deviation among the rankings. That gives a bit more data but again it’s too small a data set to make much from.

I’m sure the devs are watching it. I’m also sure asc is unbalanced and has been for several months and instead of making balance changes they added more unbalanced cards to asc decks. What I’m not sure is if the devs are actually planning on doing anything about it as there have been no significant card balance changes in awhile while there have been many new units . . . Other than kuros ability but any effect that had was more than a little offset by the introduction of this seasons asc cards.

You are definitely correct it could be a small number problem. I was curious as well hence why I did the same process a second time.

What’s also curious is with a 45% difference in the data sampled the trends were near identical. Now if I continued to do this for a few weeks and trends were always the same I’d say that would be very conclusive. But I probably won’t :sweat_smile:

At the time of this post, the Top 50 is made up of:

17 Ascension Decks (16 Kuro, 1 Giga)
17 Legion Decks (9 Nash, 8 Avasa)
16 Rogue Decks (4 Roxie, 12 Val)

Rank weights for each faction are (higher means more high-ranked players for this faction):
437 Ascension
447 Legion
391 Rogue

At least as of right now, all three factions are fairly equally represented, with some clear disparity between individual commanders. Legion is still doing a tiny bit better than the other two factions in the rankings, but its too small of a difference to be significantly different than Ascension.


But we place a blind eye to top third where power matters more, nice try with cleaning the statistics.