Arena point system is broken

Absolutely tired of the senseless arena point system. Losing 30 pts for a win, then gaining only 8 pts total for two more wins, followed by losing another 30 pts for getting disconnected from your servers, even though I had plenty of service. This system is flawed/garbage, no wonder no one ever plays the level 50 arena.


Is the lvl 50 arena different from the others? Still battling away in the lvl 43 and 47 ones where it’s a straight 20 for win and - 20 for loss.

Just lost 11 more pts for a win against a similarly powered opponent. Done with level 50 arena :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

It’s back to the ELO crap. It’s totally screwed up.

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The Level 50 Arena is a scam job. To reduce the coin pay out per player and the hopes to encourage players to spend more money if you are losing to the boosted players or bots. The developers are hoping if you lose more with one Commander you will spend money developing another. The developers revenue stream has dramatically slowed down since these updates. This is another reason why they have cut out all the cheap package deals for events except the $99 one. They are hoping it will force players to spend the higher amount. I would encourage all players to stop spending any money on this game. If you have spent any money on this game in the last 90 days ask Apple for a refund which they will do.


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