Arena match making

Why playing in the arena am I going against so many bots that instant match? I keep playing “players” that have all their cards the same level as their commander even the seasonal cards. This is a totally broken system it doesn’t matter how good your strategy is when only your best troops are the same level. I’d like to say I’m a good player but it’s no contest when everything is level 16 and I HAVE to have lower level cards in my deck because they are required. Also what is up with this level 1 stuff if you don’t have a required troops they give you level 1s they are USELESS! How can someone make an effective strategy with a card that does almost no damage and has no health. If you pull multiple required cards you don’t have you can’t battle someone back

There’s a very active thread on this subject here:

Please continue the conversation there after reading the stuff people have said!