Are you effing serious?

Just realised that in the campaign (you know, the ridiculous 300/300 for each faction - at 20 per win) you actually LOSE the same amount of points when you lose a match. You’re kidding right? Trying to get your level 10 faction that you don’t particularly enjoy playing through a lvl 14 mission?

Devs, make a fist and give yourselves an uppercut.

I’m OK with the 20 up 20 down tbh, means you need net positive wins to move ahead. Otherwise you can simply grind wins and quit out of any losing hands …


In the old ELO-based ranking system it was also possible to get “stuck in gold rank” if you weren’t able to continue to defeat a harder class of opponents on a consistent basis.

In the old system people complained “I won a bunch of games and got small medals each time and then I lost 1x game and lost a bunch of medals! I’m stuck in this rank!” We struggled to explain how ELO works.

At least in this system it’s consistent and easy to understand — if you can muster a 51% winrate eventually you’ll rank up.

There’s an existing active thread on the topic of “I don’t like flat medal changes and I think it can get stuck”. Please continue the conversation there: Multiplayer doesn’t make sense any more