“Applying to join full alliances” option bug

I noticed that this wasn’t part of the recent patch intentionally or not. Please fix this.

Here’s an example of one that is up to date:

Hi @SolidWorkMan

I’m not sure exactly which part you’re intended to report as a bug. Which thing are you trying to point out?

We believe we’re experiencing a n issue where the “Activity” readout is wrong. We expect it to correct itself over the next few days as players upgrade to the new version and start playing using the new algorithm.

I’m pointing out that the “APPLY” button for alliances that are full isn’t there. As the patch notes stated that “players can now apply to Alliances which are full of 60 players, regardless of whether they are public or private alliances”.

The image that I posted previously shows a full alliance that does not have that button. As alliances that aren’t full, they have the “APPLY” button as again unlike full alliances still don’t have this in the recent update.

@S7campusLifer Any news on this issue?

@SolidWorkMan thank you for explaining the problem. On my screen the right side of the screenshot was clipped and I didn’t see it. We can reproduce but haven’t yet fixed the problem. We’ll do it in the quickest fashion we can.

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