App crash when trying to purchase

The app freezes when trying to buy one of the passes or diamond reward boosters. Also, what’s a quest pass and what does one do to get the rewards it unlocks?

Hey @Holeesmokes we’re looking at these and are having trouble reproducing the problem - can you describe the problem a bit - does it freeze and close, or does the app restart itself?

I hit a button to purchase, say, the $4.99 diamond pack. The white circle appears as expected before the Apple Pay thing normally pops up, but it never goes away. Eventually I have to kill the app and reopen it.

Cancel that; it’s cleared up now. I just tried again for the first time in about an hour and it worked.

Thanks for the update! The apple pay spinner is usually on the Appstore’s end, but we’ll check through our logs to make sure.

Apple store app had issues other day, IOS update fixed

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