Apologies for the language - but your upgrade SUQS!

While you defend your decisions, players are dropping like flies.

It amazes me (as someone in the marketing industry) that you continue to resist feedback from those who’ve fed you 100s of hours and $$$.

Some of your responses on the forum have been breathtaking in their lack of diplomacy and thought for customer response. Do you pay a token wage to angry Uni-students to man your threads?

Please tell me you have some deeper, more diabolical plan for self-combusting behind this whole train-wreck. Enquiring (and completely baffled) minds want to know… Are you deliberately ‘tanking’ this game?

For those of us who’ve committed since the old ‘Rebel Sky’ days, allow me to say - we wished S7 well…but you’ve fumbled the ball to a Herculean level with this last cluster.

Other here have repeatedly articulated the issues with 2v2, loss of hard-earned units and devaluation of credits. I don’t need to do so again.

If it’s about profit (as it should be) you have so many other avenues to increase revenue than this debauchery. This may seem like a harsh message, but it’s born out of frustration seeing you tank what was once my favourite game. If you want someone with some actual experience in managing and growing an online client base - I’m happy to talk. Just stop the madness. Please.



Pretty sure the devs are a bunch of college kids who banked in on the mobile Royale card game genre popularity. That bank roll has slowed, they haven’t had any new whales in a while so they went with this blatant cash grab up front with a side hustle of trying to entice new whales. It’s apparent there absolutely was not a single thought spent towards their existing invested player base.


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